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Bitcoin has totally dominated the cryptocurrency industry for many years because all those who tried to imitate and do what they accomplished didn't get any stellar results. However, right this moment, a new rival has emerged and it is mentioned that it can offer better features to the people who want to mine coins and to those who're already mining. YOcoin has been getting lots of hype lately due to the benefits that they offer, but the only question right this moment is whether the competitive advantage of this currency will be strong enough, which is required if they want to beat bitcoin. Let's take a closer look at this new entrant and the likely benefits that it can provide for the individuals who are trying to find a bitcoin alternative.

Essentially, YOcoin is acquiring lots of hype because it's said to be much much simpler to mine compared with bitcoins. There are reports claiming that you could start mining at the convenience of your house as long as you have a decent graphics card. Basically, a graphics card is extremely important if you want to mine coins because it contains graphical processing units (GPUs) that are accountable in solving transaction blocks.

You do not have to buy a high-end graphics card to begin mining because you can undoubtedly accomplish this with a very good quality graphics card. The coins that you'll get will likely be noted in a blockchain so it's pretty much the same with bitcoin. You need to know that finding this new altcoin will be easier and wallets are now obtainable for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

According to the statement of Dave Wilson, Chief Operating Office of YOcoin, they have been working on this for a very long time and they are very happy that they're going to have a chance to bring this currency to the next level and beyond. This will surely be fascinating due to the plans that they laid out.

You can see already that network marketing businesses are getting a lot of advantages from adopting this new currency, but the YOcoin team is intending to bring it also to casino platforms and other merchants in the foreseeable future. Although it's a wise decision, it won't be very easy.

This will be a little hard because adding a new currency to these establishments will take lots of convincing and hard work. This will surely be plenty of work, but when it is accepted and applied, there can also be plenty of benefits.

You must also pay attention to the innovations that YOcoin will adopt in the future like the mobile wallet for android users and the issuing of physical YOC coins. These coins can be used as collector's item or you may also use this as gift for your friends and family.

These coins can be a collectible, but you can use this as a kind of currency as well. This will undoubtedly make it fascinating and a lot of people will surely look forward to obtaining them.

From what we have witnessed so far, we can anticipate even more from it. This is something which will undoubtedly competitor Bitcoin.

This will be much simpler to mine than bitcoin so it is anticipated that a younger crowd and millenials will probably be involved with this. You should research about this if you'd like to try it out.

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